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Best Early Game General Mobile Suits In Gundam Battle Operations 2

Nov 02, 2023Nov 02, 2023

These are by far the best early game mobile suits in Gundam Battle Operations 2.

The world of Gundam is constantly expanding, with the franchise reaching out into new genres in rapid succession. Recently there have been multiple video game releases from the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, such as Gundam Evolution, a team-based shooter multiplayer game, and a new release in the Gundam Vs. fighting video game line for Japanese players. Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2 now makes its way to Steam in a re-release and brings with it a slew of mobile suits and multiplayer PVP combat for fans of the franchise to sink their teeth into.

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Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2 is a team-based tactical shooter game where players can load into powerful machines from the Gundam universe and compete in teams of several members to defeat the enemy team. In addition to the wide variety of mobile suits available to players, Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2 implements gacha aspects in the game, as players can earn tokens that they can use to obtain new, more powerful mobile suits and weapons to aid them in battle. New players entering the game for the first time on Steam may feel a bit overwhelmed at what type of mobile suit is best for them; here are some of the best general suits for the early game in Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2.

The Guncannon has had multiple iterations across the various universes of the Gundam franchise; having been a pivotal mobile suit in the many conflicts of Gundam, it has a central role in Gundam Battle Operations 2.

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As a three-hundred-cost suit, the Guncannon mass production type is a solid ground unit that can check all the essential boxes a player needs to get into the game; thanks to its reasonable land speed and easy-to-use but versatile kit, this machine is an excellent start for beginners. In addition, the Guncannon excels at mid-to-long-range combat thanks to its beam rifle and mounted shoulder cannons.

The Zaku marine type is a unique mobile suit that takes advantage of the multiple maps in Gundam Battle Operations 2; of the several maps available in the game, such as ground and space, many maps have access to underwater terrain.

Thanks to its unique thrust, the Zaku marine type can fire its torpedo rifle and boost simultaneously, offering players heightened mobility compared to other mobile suits. The Torpedo rifle does considerable damage and can be fired in quick succession. Players will also find the shoulder-mounted torpedo rounds especially useful to bombard enemies in no time flat.

The Jesta is a strong starting mobile suit with generous movement speed that can complement a large battlefield and benefit from a run-and-gun style of play. In addition, the Jesta is a solid all-purpose general suit that is equipped with a variety of offensive and defensive capabilities. Excelling in close to mid-range combat, the Jesta is fitted with a beam rifle and a shoulder-mounted missile pod launcher that are great for keeping multiple enemies at bay. In addition, the Jesta can perform admirably in melee combat with its beam saber but should not engage in drawn-out battles.

The high mobility type Gelgog is top of the line when it comes to general-purpose mobile suits; this machine has incredible maneuverability and land speed both in walking and boosting. Moreover, thanks to its arsenal, the Gelgog can contend with most other classes of units from close, mid, and even log ranges.

The high-mobility Gelgog benefits from a beam machine gun and a hyper bazooka, which are great for locking down targets and firing off long-range bombardments. The high-mobility Gelgog also has deployable grenades, head vulcans, and a beam nagi nata which aid it in full-frontal confrontations.

The GM is the staple of grunt suits and the common occurrence among most Mobile Suit Gundam anime in the Universal Century timeline with a slew of custom models; however, the standard GM is a dependable and durable machine able to hit the ground running and handle most types of encounters.

With a solid movement speed, players will be able to weave in and out of long to mid-range combat and be able to handle themselves in short melee bouts with moderate difficulty. Additionally, the GM benefits from being able to use the hyper bazooka, the beam spray gun, and the standard machine gun.

The Gouf general mobile suit is perhaps one of the most notable as it is a fan favorite among many Gundam fans alongside its successor, the Gouf Custom, which appeared in Mobile Suit Gundam 08th MS Team animated film. The Gouf is a powerful machine that will feel good in the hands of new players logging into the Steam version of the game with an adequate walking and boosting speed.

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The Gouf does well in melee combat thanks to its stock Heat Sword, a fast and highly damaging weapon with great combo ability. In addition, the Gouf has the heat rod, which is excellent for downed opponents and can pepper enemies from a distance with the head vulcans.

A variant of the GM grunt suit in Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2, the powered GM does everything the regular GM does but just a little better. The Powered GM has excellent mobility and flight, able to maneuver without issue in mid-range combat.

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Also wielding the modified hyper bazooka, this weapon is a variant of the regular bazooka but deals a fair amount of extra damage. The Powered GM is a great mobile suit to use to support a team that has a relatively low learning curve and is great for starting out.

The High Mobility Zaku is a great but highly underrated mobile suit for new players with a fair ease of use thanks to the wide array of weapons it can wield and the base armaments that it drops with. The Zaku machines are great beginner suits in general. However, the High Mobility Zaku comes with increased health and slightly more damaging weapons. The high mobility Zaku can wield the single-handed rocket launcher while using the standard machine gun as a rocket launcher; also, the machine possesses grenades and a heat axe.

Mobile Suit Gundam Battle Operations 2 is available to play on PlayStation 4/5, Xbox One, and PC via Steam

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