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Farmer yields drugs, gun, ammunition in Kalinga search operation

Jan 03, 2024Jan 03, 2024

PINUKPUK, Kalinga -- Armed with a search warrant, authorities raided the house of a farmer who yielded six grams of shabu, guns, and ammunition in Barangay Taggay here on Wednesday morning, June 7.

Judge Jerson Angog of Branch 25, Regional Trial Court, Tabuk City, Kalinga, issued the search warrant implemented by the Provincial Drug Enforcement Unit of the Kalinga Provincial Police Office against Clemente Allon Dumalegan, 43.

The suspect was previously convicted of violating Republic Act 9165 and listed as a high-value individual.

The operatives confiscated drug evidence which included a matchbox containing six pieces of small heat-sealed transparent plastic sachet containing one gram of shabu with a standard drug price of P6,800.

Also found inside the house was a piece of brown yellow tape containing three medium heat-sealed transparent plastic sachets containing five grams of shabu worth P34,000.

The raiders also found five pieces of transparent plastic containing white crystalline residue of suspected shabu.

The operatives also found an Armscor caliber .45 pistol with serial No. 452845SP, a magazine with eight ammunition, six ammunition for caliber .45, an M14 magazine containing one 7.62mm ammunition, an unused foil, two tooters, one digital weighing scale, an improvised clip, a pair of scissors, black red bag, a yellow black pouch containing P100,000, a bundle of money totaling P3,400, a pink pouch containing P2,350, a yellow pouch containing P25,500, and a transparent plastic containing P180,000.

The total amount of money confiscated is P311,250.

The search operation and inventory of evidence was conducted onsite in the presence of Clemente and his son John Paul Dumalegan and witnessed by Kelvin Welsh Owek, DOJ representative Carousel Viteño, media representative, and Barangay Kagawad Arthur Bongon of Taggay, Pinukpuk.