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Kanye West 'hires disgraced Jewish American Apparel founder Dov Charney as new CEO of Yeezy' as he plots career comeback

Jun 23, 2023Jun 23, 2023

KANYE West is planning to bring disgraced Jewish American Apparel founder Dov Charney on as the new CEO of Yeezy as he plots his career comeback, a source has claimed.

Kanye, who found himself canceled last year following his anti-Semitic remarks about the Jewish community, has seen his career left in tatters.

Back in November, the rapper and entrepreneur was dropped by everyone from his talent agency CAA to big-name fashion brands including Adidas, Gap, and Balenciaga. Even JP Morgan Chase bank parted ways with him.

Kanye claimed to have lost an eyewatering "$2billion in a day" and continues to face mounting legal battles.

But despite seeing his business empire implode, Kanye is desperately trying to keep his Yeezy brand alive.

A source has exclusively told The U.S. Sun that he wants controversial Charney, who is Jewish, to be onboard full-time.

Charney is no stranger to being "canceled" as the Canadian entrepreneur and clothing manufacturer was fired by the board at American Apparel in 2014.

He was accused of a number of alleged failings, including misusing company money, violating the company's sexual harassment policy, and offering significant severance packages without board approval.

"I want everybody to know I'm not 'the Sleaze King,'" Charney later told ABC News in an exclusive interview. "'The Sleaze King' is another guy.

"All those accusations against me are crap. There's allegations… we’ve resolved them. None of it — none of these allegations - were ever proven," he said, explaining that some lawsuits were settled while others were dismissed.

He has never been found to have committed sexual harassment.

Despite his past, a source close to The U.S. Sun said: "Ye has hired Dov Charney as the new CEO of Yeezy LLC.

"It is definitely a risky move with the allegations against him, but Ye supports him and knows what it's like to be canceled.

"Dov has been a friend, a fabric supplier, he's also produced T-shirts as well as mass production of the new Yeezy line, which was unveiled recently at a low-key event.

"He's been by Ye's side for years - before he was canceled, throughout the drama, and now after as he sets to stage a comeback."

It is not confirmed whether Charney has formally signed a contract with Yeezy LLC, and The U.S. Sun contacted him for comment but did not hear back.

After Charney's earlier scandal, he subsequently founded Los Angeles Apparel in 2016 and it reportedly grew to over 350 staff during the second year of operation.

The company has been a success and Charney is still listed as a senior partner on LinkedIn.

Charney, who has been a regular at Kanye's Sunday Service events over the years, does not appear to be too concerned with his controversial opinions.

He manufactured the White Lives Matter T-shirts that saw the beginning of Kanye's recent downfall, which debuted at Paris Fashion Week.

But despite his support, Rolling Stone claimed that Charney later refused to release the shirts his company had made following the backlash, and they were handed out to the homeless.

Ye and his associate and stylist Ian Connor, who is also accused by several women of being a rapist according to the outlet, shared a video online of them being dumped on Skid Row.

Days after fashion week, Kanye said that he was going "death con 3 on Jewish people," an apparent referral to the US military's Defense Readiness Condition (Defcon), which indicates the level of threat to national security.

Ye's misuse of the term was seen as his intention to start a metaphorical war on Jewish people, which he later doubled down on.

The former billionaire went on to allege that he wasn't "anti-Semitic because black people are actually Jew also" and that he is the victim of a "Jewish underground media mafia."

Meanwhile, it's likely Charney, 54, will be spending plenty of time at Ye's new 7,400-square-foot showroom on Melrose Avenue in West Hollywood, situated next to an Adidas store.

Reports first claimed last month that the space was going to be a new store selling Kanye's merchandise but The U.S. Sun revealed it is more of a "Yeezy HQ," according to an insider.

They spilled at the time: "The vision for its use has changed to being multi-purpose, it's not just going to be a store.

"Ye has been hosting parties for three weeks in a row at the venue and giving away sample pieces for his latest collection.

"There's no date set for the release yet but it'll be soon. He's been working hard to get everything ready for his comeback."

Kanye has been making plans with his new wife Bianca Censori, who has been by his side for a number of months after news of their unofficial wedding.

The rapper and his lady love have been close for years as she was hired as Head of Architecture at Yeezy in 2020.

Their romance blossomed following his divorce from Kim Kardashian, the mother of his four young children.

Bianca has been helping him prepare for Yeezy Season 10, with shaven-headed models seen in social media photos unveiling the new collection after a low-key launch.

Kanye hosted the secret fashion show in Los Angeles on May 1, which only focused on the models wearing skintight white T-shirts with black pants.