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Oct 28, 2023Oct 28, 2023

Colin Palakiko, who was present at the Allen, Tex., mall shooting, observed a tactical vest that can carry several ammunition magazines on the body of the shooter, Mauricio Garcia. He was quoted as saying, "No civilian person should be able to have access to that kind of ammunition. It's insane."

I concur. We must show identification to purchase Sudafed to protect the public. Does it not make sense that all ammunition should be registered? Of course, this wouldn't stop collaboration between those who would seek to aggregate and stockpile ammunition, but it could be a reasonable start.

Christina Monroe Smith, Alexandria

I was reading the May 8 front-page article about the mall shooting, "Racist views eyed in massacre," with my now-typical knee-jerk horror until I came to the line about the man attempting to assist victims and found a girl in a praying position — and pulled her head back and saw "There was no face."

That made me finally read The Post's superb March 29 news piece "How AR-15 bullets blow the body apart," which graphically detailed the horrendous wounds that killed a 6-year-old in Newtown, Conn., and a 15-year-old in Parkland, Fla.

We applaud Emmett Till's mother for insisting on showing his mutilated face to raise national outrage over lynchings. Why aren't we seeing the true horrors of AR-15s — which once were outlawed in this country?

Joan Murray, Old Chatham, N.Y.