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Samsung Mobile Solutions Transform How Military Personnel Accomplish Their Missions

May 06, 2023May 06, 2023

Samsung is headed to the national convention for U.S. Special Operations Forces – SOF Week 2023, being held May 8-11 in Tampa, Fla. At the convention, Samsung will highlight its growing portfolio of government technology solutions.

Samsung will preview its latest Tactical Edition mobile devices designed to help transform the way military personnel operate, improving situational awareness and decision-making capabilities. The new models are based on Samsung's flagship Galaxy S23 smartphone and the latest rugged smartphone, the Galaxy XCover6 Pro.

These mission-ready smartphones are the next stage in the evolution of Samsung's tactical mobile technology. With custom software and features, they will seamlessly integrate into a range of peripherals and support requirements of tactical and classified applications, including navigating complex terrain and communications with command units.

Both models will leverage the capabilities of Samsung's latest mobile devices and provide warfighters with new technology to give them an edge in the field while providing IT teams with an easy-to-deploy, highly secure solution that meets the demands of a regulated environment.

In addition to the new Tactical Edition devices, Samsung also announced a collaboration with Privoro for a new hardware-to-hardware mobile security capability, available first on the Galaxy S22. The new capability provides a critical shield against the invisible threat posed by modern cyberweapons, helping to protect users from spyware attacks.

This solution uses hardware-to-hardware integration to control the smartphone's peripherals — beginning with the cellular radio and later extending to other radios (NFC, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi) and sensors. The integration is designed to remove any single point of failure, providing certainty that sensor and radio hardware can be securely disabled, even if the device's OS has been compromised. This industry-first capability prevents app and OS kernel vulnerabilities from bypassing security policy enforcement.

As a result, the solution offers new protection against cyberattacks directed at mobile devices and helps to keep a user's most important secrets safe, even when a rare breach occurs.

To learn more about these Samsung solutions and its portfolio of government technology solutions, including those for SOF, visit booth #243 at SOF Week.

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